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Wedding Pros Need to Show up, Stand up, Speak up against cultural appropriation.

The cultural appropriation has got to stop. People who "borrow" ideas for ceremonies from other cultures that aren't a part of that culture have got to stop.

Today, I came across an Instagram post from Barcelona Bridal Week. The designer paraded svelt, white, female models wearing white bridal looks. Some looks were completed with big, white warbonnets (feather headdresses that are a tradition of some Plains Indian tribes).

I almost dropped my phone. WHAT!? You take a piece of war tradition from Native Americans, plop it on a white woman's head and call it cool? I knew this was common in festival circles, but now it's breaching European Bridal fashion? How about some respect?

I called them out, and they responded that they were trying to "share" culture and that they admire diversity.  Friends, colonialism is alive and well. I told them that cultural practices are not props for their boho brand. They haven't sent me a reply.

Let's stop this. It makes us wedding pros look like ignorant, mindless people out for the next big trend - no matter that we're trampling other people in the process. 

#ResistRacism and cultural appropriation in the wedding industry. Show up, stand up, speak up when you see something wrong!