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Toying with the end, and deciding against it.

Bored and frustrated with my job, I sat at my apartment counter and thought "this would be a fun way to make an income." Calligraphy started as my get out of jail card, an end to my unhappy tenure at an underpaying, mediocre job. I practiced until I got enough skill to be paid for the work. Most of the time, I have enjoyed it.

But, often, I felt bogged down and stressed by owning a wedding business. The taxes and business filings, the social media, the last minute deadlines and changes, the wedding vendor relationships and the client relationships. I started dreading my projects, and my quality of work suffered. I didn't make enough in my calligraphy endeavors to quit my other work. And, when I changed positions within my department, I felt more satisfied at my "day job."

I've toyed a lot with quitting. But, I do so enjoy making things for other people. But, reconciling that with the other things I want for my life is a challenge. I love my career in informal, museum education. I also love spending time with my family. I took a long break from calligraphy. It felt so good to come home and relax. But, it also felt a little empty. So, I am still working on calligraphy, taking weddings and some styled shoots. But, I do have to change the way I run my business so that I can still enjoy it:

I won't solely be working on weddings, but they are still a big part of my business.

I will be changing some of my policies in regards to charging for edits, last minute requests, and delayed payments.

I will be declining jobs for which I am not a good fit. I had been doing this already, but making too many exceptions for last minute requests and for friends.