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In case you're wondering what I wanted for Valentine's Day.

Dakota and I happen to pass the jeweler today. So, we go get my ring cleaned and inspected. While I head to the bathroom, the salesman asks Dakota what he's going to pick out to surprise me with.

Dakota says, "nothing."

The salesman is probably surprised. It is Valentine's Day, after all.

I return from the bathroom, silently remarking at the fact that they actually have free tampons and pads in there; wondering if it is partly to make sure women don't leave prematurely as a result of surprise menstruation. Dakota asks, "So, what do you want from here?"

I answer honestly, "nothing."

He asks, "what do I want from here?"

I answer, "some really expensive watch."

He grins and turns to the salesman, "see?"

We walk out of the store, with no new purchases.

Little did I know, Dakota would buy me a ring for Valentine's Day: a big, cheesy, saucy ring from heaven called pizza. And that was way better than jewelry. Pizza, my friends, is perfection.