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Working with vendors to make sure your wedding is well designed

Use your vendor relationships to help you create a well designed wedding.

I always infuse artistry into my work. But the team behind the example images here infused artistry into every detail of this shoot. The inspiration board was so perfect, so it was easy to complete the project. And, it speaks to having a carefully selected vendor team for your wedding or event. We hardly had to communicate, and all the pieces fell into place perfectly. The reason: planning, visual communication and picking the right vendors for the job. And Maggie Richards knocked it out of the park with this one. Here are some tips for you on how you can do the same:

Pick your wedding vendors like you would pick a tattoo artist

Like tattoo artists, wedding vendors are not one-company fits all. And sure, I can design for a wide range of audiences. BUT, I don't fit with everyone's vision of their wedding or styled shoot. I have my areas of expertise and my less favorite projects. So, don't try to make me fit everthing. I wouldn't ask Madewell to make me a pair of bondage pants. That would be weird, but now I am curious.

NikkiSanterre_DoverHallFineArtFilmEditorialwithMaggieRichard-183 copy.jpg

Work with someone to create a cohesive vision

Even if it is just your mom or your close friends. Get someone to help you edit that pinterest board. Like eyebrows, carefully shape and include only what you need. All the extra fluff gets those wedding vendors confused. And, I can't speak for everyone else, but many of us are happy to help you with narrowing things down.

Example: a client sends me an inspiration board and it has 5 paper goods inspirations. To me, they're all completely different. So, I start asking questions. And not just questions like "what do you like about this one" but more deep questions like "how does this paper product accentuate the feel of your event and promote that image." Sometimes, all the images stay, sometimes we delete them all and work from a more abstract inspiration source like hot springs and the texture of wool sweaters.

Don't worry, wedding vendors are here to help. We want your wedding to be successful too.


Communication is key: tell us about each other

Especially if you are working with vendors who operate near each other, we probably know one another. It can be helpful to know who you chose for various other vendors, because it helps me realize your style. Your photographer, venue, and florist tell me a lot about your wedding aesthetic.

And, it helps make sure that credit is given where credit is due.


Nikki Santerre  photographed this editorial at the Dover Hall Estate. The concept was created and realized by Maggie Richard  with florals by Photosynthesis Floral Design  and paper goods by yours truly,  LetterlynRent E Quip & Paisley and Jade provided rentals with linens and glasswear from Creme de la Creme . Model Alex Tenser  wore a Gossamer  dress and a veil from Tiffanys Bridal .  Transformations Artistry did hair and makeup. A Ribbon’s Nest & Silk & Willow  provided ribbons.

Many thanks to Adorn for publishing this shoot.

Thank you for reading!