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On Trend: Blush Calligraphy Invitation and Save the Date Ideas

Happenning in wedding invitation design: floral (and other) motifs

To incorporate a motif effectively, have a designer create a motif such as a monogram, special drawing or detail that they will carry through your event. Do you have a wedding website? Ask for a digital-ready file too. You will likely have to pay for the permission. Your designer can create plenty of print products that coordinate using that motif. And it can act as a quick, reusable element that makes your wedding designs super cohesive! With this example, I created a small trumpet vine drawing, digitized it and included it on the invitation and RSVP.


Still making you blush

It seems that the blush and soft neutral trend is not ending anytime soon. It is very elegant, but also versatile. This suite looks sweet and classy with the color and calligraphy style. But, it also includes a secret weapon that is impossible to see in the photo.

You've gotta feel it.

Textures are a big deal in paper arts and in design. Although the edges of this paper are cut sharply, the blush paper has a delicate texture to it. And, the invitation is duplexed (glued to) a white paper with a smoother texture that matches the envelopes. Sometimes, you'll see these details in the photos, but it is really a treat for your guests. That often overlooked tactile element to design makes a difference.

More ideas for using texture in your wedding invitations:

  • different textured papers for the invitations, the envelopes, liners or other details: handmade papers, papers with leaf or flower inclusions, and machine-textured papers are great options
  • add vellum paper or a like-paper somewhere
  • use an alternative to paper like wood
  • use a wax seal somewhere
  • use ribbon, twine or fabric to wrap the invitaiton
  • use a printing process that creates texture: letterpress or foil pressing

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