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Snow Weekend Recap!

Hey East Coast! How was your snow day? This doesn't happen too often here in South East VA, so we certainly took advantage of the winter wonderland that took place this weekend. Pacho's first snow was a major success. He had a great time running around the back yard. He came on a Jeep ride with us around town on Saturday, and on Sunday he played with his puppy friends at the dog park.

As you might imagine, Nixon is not a huge fan of the snow. I bundled him up in three layers of doggie jackets so that we could get some photos, and he is still mad at me over it. But, he does look cute, doesn't he!?

Jezebel definitely belongs in the snow but, at 13, she is moving a lot slower and not enjoying it as much as she once did. I do think she looks like a beautiful snow creature but she was struggling with her footing.

You won't know from the photo, but our house is still under construction. In fact, Dakota masterfully took photos of the house that hide the fact that the siding is missing on every other side of the house! Fortunately, the house is wrapped tight with tyvek, so we are warm and dry inside (thank goodness! since it is 18 degrees right now!)

Sunday, we had a relaxing morning, and headed to take photos in the snow with Molly Lichten. I can't wait to see how they turned out. A lot of ice had been cleared, but what was left was no trouble for the jeep! We finished the evening with a night on the couch and a big pot of chili!

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