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The Traveling Calligrapher | Alaskan Berries and Flowers

So, obviously, Alaska is amazing. I already gave you one example of pulling inspiration from this trip with Alaska's Shores and Seas. But, I can pull so much more inspiration from the trip. It's no secret that I have a thing for berries. I grew up picking them with my grandmother and eating them as much as possible.

So, naturally, I wanted to do an inspiration board from the flowers and berries. Again, you don't need to have berries everywhere or feature these exact flowers (which would be hard since they're a weed that grows in a limited space of North America).

Remember: this board is a starting point. Berries are luscious and juicy. They can cascade and form in interesting clusters. Maybe those are visual cues you use. Garlands that drape of tables could reflect that. Shiny pieces poking out of flowers or other details could too. Rounded elements and corners. Berry colored washes on paper can add some color. There are so many options to translate.

Here is an alternate, too! This original palette looks light and has a spring vibe. Switch that mint green with a deep blue or purple and you have a lot more drama and bang. See how it works? You can make it your own.

Your turn! What part of your story (a trip, a memory, a moment) can you transition into a color palette for a wedding day?