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Flowers with Meaning + 4 Ways to Incorporate Flowers into Wedding Paper Goods

It's great to have pieces of your wedding day have extra meaning, even if you're the only one who knows about it.

Hidden gems of sentimentality are the details you'll tell relatives, friends and children over the years. I think flowers are such a great way to connect your wedding day to special people and moments. Here are a few of my favorite flowers that hold special meaning to me:

  1.  Iris: This whole blog post started because of this flower. Today is my brother's birthday. Our mother's Irises are always in full bloom around this time. Whenever I see them, I think of Everett.
  2. Gladiolus: my grandmother had HUNDREDS of gladiolus that she planted in the old chicken yard. She would cut and arrange buckets of blooms every year and bring them to a church in town. (She wasn't a church-goer herself, she was just a kind, generous soul.) When she got too sick to collect the blooms herself, my mom and I did the job. The first time I picked up a gladiolus after my grandmother past, I burst out crying. Couldn't look at the vase without tearing up. Now, I just smile when I see them.
  3. Lilies: There is this great place called Thumper's Daylily Farm in Winchester, Virginia. They have so many varieties. And, you can "name" a variety. My mother has lilies for each of us children: Everett, Evelyn and Kristen. (I'll be sharing a funny story about this to email subscribers this week!). I used to spend a lot of time as a child deadheading the lilies: when the bloom dies, snap off the dead blossom and another will grow. It makes you lilies extra beautiful.
  4. Daffodils: These happy blooms also remind me of my grandparents. Hundreds of them lined the driveway up to their house. Whenever I see one, I think of the memories at my grandparent's house.
 I've got 4 ways to include flowers in your wedding paper goods and stationery. Get Inspired! | Letterlyn Calligraphy Studio

What flowers do you hold dear?

Engaged couples! Ask if your florist can incorporate blooms that are special to you on your wedding day. Some florists will forage in-season blooms or can order them through their supplier.

4 amazing ways to use flowers for your weddings stationery

How do you want to include flowers in your wedding stationery? Here are a few ideas.

  1. an illustration on the paper goods can make them pop. See if your stationer can create custom drawings to add a special bit of wow-factor.
  2. coordinate colors to your favorite blooms if botanical illustration isn't your thing. Sunflower yellow, lily-orange, iris-purple can all be subtle hints to the florals. Whether its ink choice, or actual paper color, this detail will make your stationery coordinate perfectly with your other decor. If you have those florals in your bouquets and arrangements, your photographer might just capture all the color beauty.
  3. Some foliage can hold up to lettering and make amazing place cards! Magnolia leaves are great for this. Monstera, among others can too.
  4. Seed-packet favors are another great option. As are pre-potted plants. Just make sure the seeds aren't invasive species (you wouldn't want to hurt the local ecosystem!)

Flower photos via unsplash.