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5 simple steps for the most genuine thank-you notes

writing thank you notes can be easy, when you've got an easy way to set them up.

 How to Write Amazing Thank You Notes from Virginia Calligrapher, Evelyn Cunningham of Letterlyn Studio | Photo by  Shannon Moffit Photography

I was raised by a woman who insisted on her children writing thank-you notes. We weren't allowed to spend the money that our grandparents sent for our birthdays until AFTER the note was in the mail. Every teacher (even the ones that we didn't like) got a thank you note. By the time I was in high-school, I was a pro. I sent out a thank you to a teacher whom I admired that made her cry joyous, "I remember why I wanted to teach" tears. Don't you want your loved ones to feel THAT loved and appreciated when you send out thank you notes? By applying your situation and your voice to this formula, you'll be on your way to writing amazing thank-you's quickly and easily.

    1. Thank them for whatever they did for you or gave to you. "Kristen, thank you so much for giving me these mermaid socks."
    2. Talk up how you are going to use it or how it benefits you "I get compliments on them all the time. And, they make me feel closer to my true calling of being a mermaid."
    3. Go deeper with how its a reflection of the other person "You are always so thoughtful and generous to everyone you love."
    4. Draw the connection between what the person means to you and how the gift reflects their attitude and relationship to you "I am so fortunate to have such a fun sister who knows me well enough to say "EVELYN NEEDS THOSE SOCKS... NOW" even when there is no occasion to buy me a gift."
    5. Hit it home with a connections to the future uses of the gift "I can't wait to see you next, and I will remember to wear my mermaid socks so that you can see how awesome they are on my feet. Love you and miss you."

    I know,  I know. You're thinking "That's an awesome gift from someone you love. What about thank-you's to people I don't know well."

    For engaged couples, this especially applies. You're receiving a number of gifts from people you might not know very well. And, sometimes, the gifts aren't exactly wow-worthy. Every couple has at least one gift that they aren't remotely interested in... Well, the same formula applies. When we talk wedding thank-you's make sure that you include their presence (or lack of presence) in the thank you.

    1. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jones, Thank you so much for sending us a set of china for our wedding gift.
    2. We are so happy to start a life together, and these touches will help make our house feel like home.
    3. It was so kind of you to send a gift when you couldn't make it to the wedding.
    4. We are lucky to have family-friends like you who support us and care for us in this new part of our life.
    5. We've already entertained friends and family with our dishes, and know that they will see many more happy gatherings. Thank you again!

    Sure, but is a formula genuine?

    Of course! This formula is just a starting point to a larger theme that I am constantly working toward: practicing gratitude. The more good quality thank-you notes that you write, the easier they will become. Soon, this practice will be so natural to you that you'll develop your own version of the formula.