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A few of my favorite sentimental things in my home.

I have a hard time letting go sometimes.

As in, I had a pair of shoes that were way past it (holes, stinky, the whole nine yards), I even lost one of them in the river while at summer camp. And still, my dad had to throw the the remaining shoe away while I was asleep. I wasn't a child, I was a teenager. Old enough to know it was past time. But, there had been so many memories in those soles.

Since then, I have gotten better about only holding on to very special things (that don't smell bad). So, I am sharing some of my favorite sentimental items in my home. If you love this kind of thing and need inspiration for your wedding day, subscribe to get exclusive content.


The painting in the picture above belonged to my grandmother, Eleanor. It is one of three. She only had one hanging in her home. So, when Dakota and I got married, he got them all nicely framed for me as a wedding gift.


My Shakespeare Anthology from my freshman year of college! This thing weighs a TON. It brings back so many literature-nerd memories. I wrote so many notes in its margins. And, as you can see, I was heavy on the post-it notes for the ones assigned to class. I just love the Bard.


Kitty wine is kind of a tradition. My mom bought my best friend this wine for her 21st birthday (or was it graduation). I "gave" it to her but couldn't buy it because I wasn't 21 yet. We've been gifting kitty wine ever since. The bottles come in different colors too.

The vintage irons were from my grandmother's collection. I remember them being by her fireplace when I was a child. I have them all over my house: as book ends and as mantle ornaments.


That cutting board also belonged to my grandmother. My mom was going to give it away but my dad stopped her. He though I might want it. And, he was so right. It has my grandmother's name at the top right. Her name is my middle name. So, it is extra special to me.

Those jugs also belonged to my grandmother. If you can't tell, she was kind of my hero. She kept all kinds of interesting things that she got at estate sales. I just loved these and use them for decoration on my mantle.