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Two Things You Need to Know about Envelopes

Essential information about wedding invitation envelopes

1. Types of envelopes

Outer envelopes: these are the ones that have your guests names and addresses on it. The return address goes on the back for more formal invitations.

Inner envelopes: these ones only have the guests names. If you use them, here (and here only) you would put children's names and "and guest." If you do not have inner envelopes, this information would go on the outer envelopes.

If you plan to use inner envelopes, you will need to let your stationer know from the start. Not all envelope colors come with both inner and outer envelope sizes.

Response envelopes: usually these are 4bar or A2 size envelopes. Make sure you put stamps on it. You're guests should not have to add their own postage. The address you write on here will be the one to which people will send cards and gifts. If you are doing online response, you obviously won't need these.

2. Envelope and Invitation Sizes

Usually wedding invitations are A7 or A9 size. Response cards are usually A2 or 4bar sizes. But, there are always other ways to do it. Download this file and print at 100% to compare sizes for yourself.