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What is a ceremony book, and should you get one?

Maybe you've heard of it, maybe you haven't. A ceremony book might be just the extra touch you want for your wedding ceremony (not to mention for a nostalgic keepsake of you wedding day.)

What is a ceremony book?

Well, it is what it sounds like: a book containing the details of your ceremony. It will have the script from which your officiant reads, your vows, your song lyrics, your readings. In that way it is extremely practical. But, it is also very sentimental.

I recently created a ceremony book for Deb and Cody that includes stories from their relationship that led up to the wedding day. And, it includes extra pages at the end on which they can write future dates and stories. Anything from pictures from the engagement shoot to love letters or emails. Even just a list of important and meaningful dates.

Beyond the nostalgia

The idea of handing this heirloom down from generation to generation just tugs at my heartstrings. But, there is an aesthetic purpose to the book, too. In the words of Deb, "I can't stand the thought of a big, ugly binder in the ceremony photos."  Now, not all officiants will use a big, ugly binder. And, not all officiants will feel comfortable using a ceremony book - so make sure that you ask them! But, just for your reference, could you imagine that big ugly binder in this sweet photo of the Handfasting Ceremony?

What is the process?

The process is fairly simple on the couple's end. We'll have an initial design consultation where we'll go over things from calligraphy styles to materials to binding options. Then, you'll send me the file with all the text you want included. We might have another phone call here so that I can confirm details. I'll get to work, designing and binding you book. Then, I send it your way.

Behind the Scenes Process

What you don't see as a client is all the work that goes into making a handmade book. So, I want to take you through a little of my process so that you understand exactly what you get with a handmade ceremony book.

First, material selection. What are the covers made out of? What does the paper feel like? How much do I need or what size? All these factors are decisions that I make with my client or on my own when making a handmade book.

Next, designing the interior. I start by hand-drawing the calligraphy and design elements. I scan them in to the computer. After some editing, I lay them out (along with the text) in InDesign.

Next, I print and add any hand-done calligraphy details. Depending on the printing process, this can be as short sad a few days or as long as a few weeks.

After I get the printed work, I assemble the book. Each one is carefully and lovingly handbound. Then, I test to make sure everything looks and feels perfect. Shortly after, you get your book in the mail or delivered to you. 

In Short

A ceremony book is a great detail and heirloom for your wedding day. If you love these heartfelt details and have your ceremony details together, reach out to me so we can begin working.

Questions? Shoot me an email at evelyn@letterlyn.com