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Keeping Up With My Business Values

So, when I first started Letterlyn, I wanted to do so with meaning, purpose and intention. I focused my intentions for my business through my Business Values. A blog post about how I'm doing with them is long overdue. So, let's talk quality for a minute.

 Letterlyn Studio business values

Letterlyn Studio business values

Specifically, let's talk intentional, quality interactions with other small business owners. My friend posts a photo to Instagram. If I think it's great, I'm going to like it. I might even comment. If someone posts a new blog post link or photo gallery link to Facebook or Instagram and I am interested, you know I'm going to show it some love. But, here is the key, I am actually going to read and view it.

That's right, friends, I am on your website, viewing your blogs and updates and galleries. I might even be commenting on your posts or measaging you with encouragement because I care about you and your work! I CARE. This obsession with actually spending time with your content is all about quality interactions. I might not like every post you ever put out there. But when I like it, I'll make sure to support it.

This all comes down to authenticity. I know that interaction is good for my business. And, full disclosure, when I first started increasing my social media interactions it was because I knew that. Through those initially selfish interactions, I found that I was actually enjoying keeping up with the work of friends and colleagues by showing support. In fact, I found that authentically supporting others made me feel good about myself and the work that I do. And, I know it made the other person feel good too. Sometimes, the smallest validation that can make a huge difference in someone's heart! Now, I can't help but be supportive. And I make it a point to continue supporting the good work of others. I'm not doing it for me anymore, it is just becoming a part of who I am.

Obviously, I haven't been perfect about making quality interactions. But, I am trying my darnedest to keep up with you and support you.  I know the little sting that you feel when you see 20 people like the link to your blog but only 8 actually went to your blog. I know that can feel discouraging. I've felt that. But remember, I'm on your website, reading your blog posts, giving you love and I'm not going to quit.



I hope I've inspired you to go show some others some serious love! You know they'll appreciate it!