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Why Calligraphy - A Detailed Look at Wedding Calligraphy

Who doesn't love getting mail that is not a bill or coupons? Who doesn't love something made just for them?

Getting something beautiful and handmade makes people feel valued, respected and loved. It leaves an impression. And, for weddings, that impression can be very important. You're trying to get married and throw a great party for the people you love. So, I am guessing that impression matters to you.

Calligraphy and stationery sets the vibe of your event from day one.

When it comes to weddings, the stationery sets the tone for your event. The save the date and, more importantly, the invitation, give the guests clues as to the formality and feel of your wedidng. Sometimes, the differences are obvious - a rustic barn wedding is going to have a very different invitation from a very formal ballroom wedding. But, there are little subtleties that a calligrapher or graphic designer adds to the invitation that can make a huge difference. The choice of calligraphy style is a subtle indicator to the guest - even if it is subconscious. Ink color, envelope color, size and layout all affect the initial perception. And, the ceremony hasn't even started yet! These elements tell the guests what to expect and what to wear.

More and more, the wedding industry is moving toward a branded wedding. Often, every element is carefully planned and thought out to match a color palette and theme (hello, Pinterest boards!). Not everyone thinks this is a great thing. But, it is nice to have a cohesive element to your wedding and that starts with the stationery. I should point out here that beautiful cohesion for your stationery does not have to be expensive. Maybe you have all of your stationery calligraphed in the same style, or maybe not. Maybe the cohesion is a monogram or illustration stamp that you use for the envelopes, place-cards and menus. Maybe you just pick the same color scheme. Those kind of small repeated details make a huge impact.

Even if your wedding is casual, calligraphy elements can work to bring about your vibe and your design cohesion. With more formal weddings, calligraphy is an easy way to add elegance.

Well, there are the "rules" and how to break them.

Calligraphers aren't just about style and pretty letters. A calligrapher or designer can help you make informed decisions about your wedding stationery tradition and etiquette. Like, should you have escort cards and/or place cards? Neither? What's the deal with the inner envelopes? How do you address envelopes to kids?

Even if the stationery is thrown away, it plays a role in the overall event, from a cohesive style or theme to keeping your guests informed and happy.

The stress factor

It's one month before your wedding, and there is still a lot to do for the big day. You probably still have work, hobbies and LIFE that you need to take care of (not to mention taking care of yourself and your future spouse). You don't want to be fretting the little details any longer. You might not have the time to write all those place cards and make them look half-way decent. Just pass it along. Send it to a friend with good handwriting, hire a pro, or send them to a printer.

If someone else can manage it for you: let them.

Curious about escort cards vs. place cards, seating charts and other day-of wedding paper elements?

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