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Values and Promises

Letterlyn Studio is here! My goal for Letterlyn is to bring beautiful designs to your events and everyday while maintaining my focus on cultivating a businesses that raises up others. I think the best way to do that is to create core values that match that vision and remind myself of them constantly. So, here they are:

  1. Empathy
  2. Inclusion
  3. Quality
  4. Individuality

So, why these 4 words? They don't all directly match up to calligraphy because my core values are not about my product, they are about the soul of my business.


This value is essential to my life as Letterlyn Studio and my life as Evelyn Cunningham. I want fuel Letterlyn on empathy because, as  a person, I think it is one of my defining characteristics. I am not creating beauty for myself. I am creating beauty for my clients and so, I should understand them on a deeper level than their design choices. I should make an attempt to connect to my clients and my online community at deeper than face value.


Sometimes, the wedding and event industry can seem inaccessible because it promotes a very specific, picture-perfect image of what planning and marriage look like. I hope that through my business, I can work with my clients so that everyone can have the beauty of calligraphy, regardless of financial status, beliefs or identities.


This one might seem to go without saying, but it needs reiteration. I don't just want to provide quality service or product. Letterlyn should strive to have build quality relationships between businesses and clients. Quality should infuse every interaction and image I post. I recognize that this might be difficult at times, but I will strive for it anyways.


Letterlyn should be a place for creativity. It should value the uniqueness of every individual client. With my calligraphy, I want to develop products for the individual client. I want my products to speak volumes of my clients as they speak volumes of me. For the Letterlyn social media and communications presence, this means uplifting the uniqueness of others and nurturing the individuality of the self.

In so many ways, Letterlyn is a business that is about me. Hence the name Letter+Evelyn. So, my challenge to myself with these core values is to take my business ownership as an opportunity to make myself a better person. I think I can do that. And, I hope you'll join me on my journey.