Why start a calligraphy business when the market is pretty over saturated? Well, I want to focus on my local area as much as I can. And, there aren't many other event calligraphers in Hampton Roads. But Letterlyn Studio is about more than just seizing that opportunity.

I made the decision to pursue calligraphy as a business not too long ago and I knew my motivation starting out: This may seem confusing, but my business/brand is about me (my studio life, my calligraphy, my journey), while my calligraphy is about everyone else (the person receiving my services or a little piece of snail mail). I want to be an ambassador for beauty in everyday life. I want to make sure everyone can access simple elegance.

I am starting pretty small in terms of product offering. Go to my "services" page to see for yourself. News flash! Almost every other calligrapher out there has similar services to offer. But, that is because it is what people want and expect from a calligrapher or calligraphy studio.

Any business has growth goals. And my eventual goal is to make Letterlyn into a place where you buy beautifully created, lettered goods and services to make your day or event or home or digital wallpaper happier and more beautiful. I want to do amazing calligraphy installs, off-the wall projects, bookbinding mixed with calligraphy. It is in my nature to dream big. Huge, in fact. But, I know there is time and a place for that.

I've asked almost all my creative friends about how they got started with their businesses. The answer is always something small, starting with friends. So, yes, bring me your off the wall amazingness, but also bring me your envelope addressing and place card writing.

I have this business, this drive to create and support beauty. It's starting out so well thanks to my supportive friends, family and creative community. But, I'll be (trying) to take it a little slow and steady so that I can stay in my business and keep the values and promises I talked about in yesterday's post.

I am so happy that you have decided to join me on this beautiful journey. If you're a business owner, what do you think of starting small and intentional?


Bonus: couldn't resist sharing a photo of some practice work I did last week!