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Keeping Up With My Business Values: Empathy

How is empathy helpful for business, especially a wedding business? Usually, when we think of empathy, its around tragedy or sadness; feeling the emotions of a friend or family member who is going through  a tough time. I am here to tell you that having an empathetic approach to your business does not have to be about the tough times your client experiences. Hopefully, in the wedding industry, there aren't tough times - weddings are usually filled with beautiful, pure joy. What if you chose to empathize with that joy?

That's right, you should be feeling the joys of your clients, their excitement for their events, their love! Full disclosure, the first time that i did this, it was a total accident! I had a client meeting with a couple to design their wedding invitation. And, let me tell you, this couple is the sweetest, most wonderfully enthusiastic and genuine couple. I was developing a new script style for them and they asked me to bring an example of the style. I thought to myself, I might as well give them a congratulations note! The bride loved it! She emailed me later to tell me that it had made her day to have a vendor that seemed excited about her wedding day.

This email really shocked me. It surprised me that she took the time to thank me for my simple gesture. But, it struck me even more that her email implied that she had wedding vendors who didn't seem to be excited for her and her future husband! As an empath by default, I was upset for my client. We're taking part in the best day of our couples lives - GET EXCITED PEOPLE. Even if you aren't a super excitable, extoverted personality, empathize and show some genuine joy. At least, that is what this couple has inspired me to do. (Don't I have the best clients ever?)

So, how am I doing with my Empathy business value? Significantly better since meeting that sweet couple. And, I hope they inspire you too. Have you ever had a client inspire you to better your business? I'd love to hear your story below and lift up your business choices. What or who makes you a better business owner?