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Goals for Next Wedding Season | Norfolk Calligraphy

The big wedding season for Hampton Roads is now over. But that does't mean I am not busy! I have a few styled shoots that I am contributing to this month. And, I am planning something for some industry friends and acquaintances this winter (I am having trouble keeping it to myself!). But, I am setting goals for next year already. Why this early? Well, we calligraphers are usually a season ahead of real time. Our fall wedding work is in the summer, winter in fall, etc. So, I am already looking to next spring. And. here are a few goals:

  1. Book a wedding with a moody, deep color pallet - bonus points if the wedding is international/destination!
  2. Attend at least one calligraphy conference or major workshop - IAMPETH Conference maybe, hopefully? Harvest Crittenden's Spencerian Saga, Kathy Millici's wedding calligraphy weekend?
  3. Have more than one wedding where I do full calligraphy services: invitation and day of paper goods.
  4. Design and create a backdrop for a wedding ceremony. For this one, I am imagining draping paper and beautiful colors and textures.

I think these are pretty achievable, especially if I can get an impressionable couple to be as inspired by the written word and its beauty. I want to add one more to my list. It's not really a goal for my business, so I won't include it in the official count, but it's a goal for myself (as a human and as a human who happens to own a business). I want to learn how to better say no. I did it a few times this month, and it was so hard, but I am very proud of myself for it. It comes back to one of my business values (which also happen to be personal values): quality. I KNOW, I KNOW, I talk about them all the time. But, they are super important to me.

I want to learn to say no so that I can focus better on the things that I have said yes to. So I can focus on my clients, and my husband, and my friends and my dogs. I want to say NO, when I need to, so that I can be my best self. I think I'll talk more about it in another blog post soon, so stay tuned for an update on the Letterlyn Blog about simply saying no every once in a while.

To all of my vendor friends, I'd love to hear your goals for the year! And, if there is any way I can help you achieve your goals, please reach out to me. I'd love to collaborate! Let's see what I think of this list come the end of next October!

 Photo by Caitlin Gerres Photography

Photo by Caitlin Gerres Photography

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