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Weekend Update - Outer Banks Adventure

This weekend was just what my soul needed. As usual, I had work at my "day job" on Saturday, but I didn't mind. Dakota and my dad worked on the dining room a little while. By the time I came home, I was able to do some priming in my new pantry. Dakota cooked dinner and then we just relaxed until bedtime. Sunday, we had ourselves a little adventure. We (Me, Dakota and the pups) went with our friends Josie and Alex and their pup Louie the Basset Hound to the Outer Banks for some off roading.

If you go all the way North on Route 12, you'll find that it turns into a 4x4 beach. Beyond, there are beautiful dunes and surreal, disintegrating wood stumps and roots where trees once were.  The gray day and gusty winds added a little magic to the whole day in my opinion (though Nixon the Chihuahua was a little cold). We had a little picnic, walked on the beach and attempted to keep Nixon from chasing birds all day. Jezebel looked liked she belonged on the beach with her gray and tan fur. She was so overjoyed.


Farther up the route there are homes and a small park that are only accessible from a 4wd car or ATV. We took an access road into the winding paths of homes to see. We saw several wild horses. They are such powerful, inspiring animals.


After our adventure, we went to get pizza at Wave Pizza Cafe in Duck. Of course, it was the Duck Jazz Festival, so the traffic was crazy. On the bright side, there was a special going on for the Pizza. We even got a free koozie with our beer purchase! I hope you did something amazing this weekend with friends, family or your dogs! I'd love to hear about it.