Letterlyn by Evelyn Cunningham
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Nice to meet you, I am Evelyn.


Give me a mountain or a wave and a dog to snuggle, and you've got a happy gal.

My first true love: poetry. Now, I write and create in a different way: with stationery and art fueled by my love for nature and for adventure. I live in Southeastern Virginia, where I am fortunate to be a short drive to the ocean and slightly longer drive to the mountains. In my work and in my adventures, I am always trying something new and exciting (even if it's just a new beer at a local brewery).

I am a coffee first, ask questions later kind of morning person. But, I can't help but wake up with a smile (my two mutts practically demand it with their puppy eyes and wagging tails).


My calligraphy and design style:

My whimsical styles also leave space for classic and ultra-modern brides. I am a storyteller in a little way. I will add on custom details that tell your story. I don't like anything to flashy, but I understand if you want a little more glamour for your wedding day.

You see, I want the design to tell your story with your style. I want you to feel all the warm and fuzzies about your wedding stationery and to feel a little thrill when you hold the pieces in your hand.

My business style:

Empower others. Encourage. Uplift. I think of my competition as my co-workers and will cheer on their journies.

I respect your style and your story. I respect you as a person, beyond what you can offer me as a fellow business or as a client.

I stay honest to my ethics and to my greater inspirations: the natural world and my desire to do the best I can while doing the least harm to the environment.